Day 1 – Tuesday, June 29, 2021


13.45-14.00: Welcome to CBS


14.05-14.45: Thought piece

15.00-16.00: RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS - Experts in the crowd       


  • Jaeyoon Song, Christoph Riedl and Thomas W. Malone - “Online Mingling: supporting ad hoc, private conversations at virtual conferences”

  • Yunhao Zhang - “Identify Experts Through Revealed Confidence: application to wisdom of crowds”

  • Sabine Brunswicker, Mai Elkady and Feny Patel - “Submissions to a COVID-19 Data Science Challenge: the role of skills and platform engagement”

  • Alexander Staub, Christopher Lettl and Tom Grad - “Introducing Performance Contingent Symbolic Awards Into Online Communities: a natural experiment”


16.15-17.15: PANEL SPEAKERS - Psychology, Behavior, and Information Systems – Translating Collective Intelligence into Action

Hosted by Jan vom Brocke  – Program Chair

  • Brian Fitzgerald - “Crowdsourcing Software Development: Two’s Company, 1.6 is a Crowd”

  • Alan Hevner - “Challenges of Collective Design”

  • Peter Mohr - “Collective Intelligence and Attention”


17.15-17.45: Break

17.45-18.45: RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS - Collective intelligence, technology, and algorithms

  • Shiyan Zhang and Jeffrey V. Nickerson - “The Coevolution of Tasks and Technologies”

  • Daniel Barkoczi, Manuel Cebrian and Niccolo Pescetelli - “The Indirect Influence of Bots on Humans through Recommendation Algorithms”

  • Jason Burton, Ulrike Hahn, Abdullah Almaatouq and Amin Rahimian - “Algorithmically Mediating Communication to Enhance Collective Decision-Making in Online Social Networks”

  • Louis Rosenberg, Gregg Willcox and Colin Domnauer - “Hyperswarm Methodology for Collective Intelligence”


19.00-20.15: PANEL SPEAKERS - Biology, Neuroscience, and Algorithms

Hosted by Deborah M. Gordon – Program Chair   


20.30-21.30: RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS - Collective intelligence in dynamic teams

  • Iman Yeckehzaare, Elijah Fox, Samuel Wood and Gail Grot - “Improving Collaborative Notetaking through Visualizing and Finding Connections”

  • Hui Chen Chou, Rafik Hadfi, Donghui Lin and Takayuki Ito - “Identifying Collaborative Editing Traits and Phases in Good Wikipedia Articles”,

  • Avel Guénin-Carlut and Daniel Friedman - “Introducing Active Inference as An Integrative Principle in The Study of Collective Intelligence”,

  • Payam Aminpour, Steven Gray and Steven Scyphers - “Diversity Produces Realworld Payoffs for Complex Problem-Solving: evidence of diversity bonus in pooling local knowledge”


21.45-22.45: PANEL SPEAKERS - Control, Communication, and Cybernetics - From Citizen Science to Citizen Intelligence

Hosted by Kevin Crowston – Program Chair   


Day 2 – Wednesday, June 30, 2021


12.45-13.45: PANEL - Collective Intelligence in Practice: Business Potential and Value Creation for Society


Hosted by Markus Helfert, – Corporate Relations Chair              

Set of speakers awaiting final confirmation



  • Ralf Kurvers, Andrea Nuzzolese, Alessandro Russo, Gioele Barabucci and Vito Trianni - “How Collective Intelligence Can Reduce Diagnostic Errors”

  • Rongjiao Ji and Qiwei Han - “Stocks in Tweets Today: exploring heterogeneous investor sentiment on social media”

  • Laura Jahn, Rasmus K. Rendsvig and Jacob Stærk-Østergaard - “Bot Detecting Jury Selection Procedures to Counter Nefarious Vote Inflation on Social Media”

  • Kuldeep Singh, Palvi Aggarwal and Cleotilde Gonzalez - “A Social Dilemma for Cybersecurity: sharing information among defenders”


15.15-16.15: PANEL SPEAKERS - Ecosystems, Global Economy, and Society


Hosted by Caroline de la Porte  – Program Chair


16.30-17.30: RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS - Social Challenges arising from Collective Intelligence

  • Fade Eadeh, Michelle Zhao, Thuy-Ngoc Nguyen, Pranav Gupta, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Henny Admoni and Anita Woolley - “Anger: Helpful or Harmful for Team Performance?”

  • Thuy Ngoc Nguyen, Duy Nhat Phan and Cleotilde Gonzalez - “A Cognitive Hysteretic-IBL Model for Coordinated Multi-Agent Transportation Problems”

  • Stephen McCarthy, Wendy Rowan, Zainab Hussain Al Shabeeb, Carolanne Mahony and Michael O'Driscoll - “I’ll Be Watching You: a social cognitive theory perspective of citizens’ relationship with surveillance capitalism”

  • Levin Brinkmann, Deniz Gezerli, Kira von Kleist, Thomas F. Müller, Iyad Rahwan and Niccolo Pescetelli - “Human Biases Limit Algorithmic Boosting of Cultural Evolution”


17.30-18.00: Break

18.00-19.00: PANEL SPEAKERS - Strategy, Management, and Collaboration 


Hosted by Arvind Malhotra – Program Chair

  • Arvind Malhotra - “Collective Production Process to Unleash Collective Intelligence”

  • Christian Wagner - “Resolving Mysteries of Collective Intelligence”

  • Hila Lifshitz-Assaf - “Accelerating Collective Innovation Without Killing It”

  • Oliver Alexy  - “Creating Innovation Ecosystems to Deploy Deep Tech”


19.15-20.15: RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS - Collective Intelligence for Collective Gains

  • Rafal Olszowski - “Studying Online Collective Intelligence in Policymaking”

  • Alin Coman - “The Incremental Insight Model: from individuals to networks”,

  • P Kumar Sachin, Weifeng Li and Aaron Schecter - “Sentiments and Information Diffusion on Social Media: evidence of a curvilinear relationship”

  • Vahid Yazdanpanah, Enrico Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Corina Cirstea, Mc Schraefel, Timothy Norman and Nicholas R. Jennings - “Collective Responsibility in Multiagent Settings”


20.30-21.00: Closing remarks